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Lisa Levdansky

Owner, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

For me fitness is a lifestyle, it is not optional, no matter what may seem out of control in life you can have your fitness. I wish to relentlessly move forward and share with others the key to living their lives to the fullest. For me it all began with a 5K race, I ran, jogged, and walked, whatever I had to do to get through it. Since that first run I have become a 2 time Ironman Finisher and run every distance from one to 50 miles. I have been a fitness professional since 2009, I began with a group fitness certification and aspired to teach cardio kickboxing! Since that time my aspirations have been through many evolutions. I have taught the gamut when it comes to group exercise, indoor cycling, power pump, ab classes, aquatics for seniors, you name it. Along with teaching group classes, I trained individual clients. I have always understood the key to fitness is variety, in the fall of 2016 I went through a weird time in life. I found myself living with a friend that was a CrossFit coach. Needless to say all of the pieces came together for me, she invited me to join the box she coached at, the workouts were so challenging and I was hooked! Since that time I have worked out with a few different affiliates, assembled a garage gym at home, and obtained my CrossFit Level 1 certificate. Opening an affiliate alongside Koltan is the culmination of many years of experience and hard work, I’m living my dream! It is so exciting to be able to share my experience and passion with everyone that comes through the doors of IronHawk CrossFit.

Casey Wolleat


How long have you been doing CrossFit? I started CrossFit in June of 2020, instantly falling in love with the sport and the community involved.

What got you started? Growing up as a track and cross country runner, I joined a CrossFit Box in order to become a more well rounded athlete, wanting to focus on weightlifting alongside the running I was already doing.

What keeps you coming, and why coaching? Since joining CrossFit, I have found that I feel stronger during all of the activities that I love to do, whether waterskiing, snowboarding, or hiking. I joined IronHawk CrossFit when I moved to Montana, quickly being welcomed into the community and pushed to become a better athlete from both the coaches and members.

I wanted to coach in order to help others achieve their goals, whether it be to hit a heavier clean successfully and safely or be able to rip down the mountain on a snowboard all winter long. I love helping people push themselves everyday to be the best version of themselves possible.

Ron Flink


How long have you been doing CrossFit? Since March 2018
What got you started? Invited by a friend to try a class. Instantly hooked and paid for a year upfront that same day.
Why coaching, and what keeps you coming? The amazing community first and foremost, also my personal health and mental wellbeing.

Michaella Evert

Athlete support Manager

How long have you been doing CrossFit? Started July of 2019

What got you started? I had been looking into crossfit for quite awhile, but had this idea that it was only for super athletic and fit people, and I didn’t fit either of those categories. I was 40# overweight, couldn’t run a mile, and didn’t understand any of the lingo. One day I saw an ad for IronHawk on Facebook and decided to just go in for an intro to see what would happen. I was about 4 months away from my wedding and really wanted to lose some weight before the big day, and nothing else had been working. I was totally hooked after that first workout and never looked back.
What made you want to continue, and be part of the IronHawk CrossFit team?
I saw huge changes in my body within the first few months of joining and a huge mental shift. I never had the motivation to workout by myself, or finish a workout if I was by myself when they got hard. Being at a crossfit gym really gave me the push that I never knew I needed. You are surrounded by people who are working hard no matter what their skill levels are. The idea that someone who can’t do a pull up or run a mile, or is 40# overweight, people showing up to work on themselves is so motivating to me. I’ve found I’m very competitive with who I was last year and find so much joy in improving my weight lifting skills and gymnastics every day.

I decided to join the IronHawk team because I love getting to know different people that I would never interact with in my normal life. I’ve been able to find what pushes me to be better, and I want to help other people find what makes them great and show them how to use that to get where they are headed in life.

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